Accelerating Change in
the Heavy Motor Industry


HMIA delivers quality heavy motor insurance to medium to large heavy motor fleets.
We offer a service to brokers and their clients that’s fast, transparent and reliable.

Accelerating Change in <br>the Heavy Motor Industry
Our wheels are always
in motion, but they’re never spinning.

Like your business, we understand the importance of moving ahead. We’re not going to sit still when there’s ground to be covered.

That’s why we’re always moving towards a better way to take care of brokers, giving you the best tools to care for your clients.

Accelerating Change in <br>the Heavy Motor Industry
Solid service,
every time.

We’re here when you need us, to ensure every claim or quote runs smoothly from start to finish.

That’s why we’re committed to providing quality service, so you leave us with all pistons firing.

Accelerating Change in <br>the Heavy Motor Industry
Like a well-oiled

Our claims management is handled in-house, we negotiate directly with the broker and there are no unnecessary hoops to jump through.

We only hire the most experienced and talented heavy motor insurance specialists, which means your claims are in expert hands.

Our team is here for you.

Here's a little something about them...

Michael Zaknic


“We understand that brokers today have an important strategic role to play when it comes to protecting their client’s businesses.

Our focus is purely on empowering heavy motor brokers by providing them with access to our expertise and delivering great service. This way they can deliver the best insurance programs for their clients. ”
~ Michael

James Pasfield

General Manager

“Having worked in both law enforcement and insurance, I’ve learnt how to identify, assess and act on risks as they arise. Helping clients know when to seize opportunities and manage risk is something that I’ve been doing for over 22 years now.”
~ James

Vicky Takos

Operations Manager

“I take great pride in enabling and supporting our team to succeed. I’m all about empowering them to make decisions, influence industry, and most importantly, support people in need.”
~ Vicky

Jonathon Vasconez

Senior Underwriter

“My strength is my ability to learn quickly and adapt to the situations. I hold the utmost respect for my colleagues and clients and will always work to better the team and maximise our efficiency.”
~ Jonathon

Cameron Smith

Client Relationship Manager – QLD

“No two days are ever the same for me. That’s what I enjoy about working at HMIA. I look forward to navigating challenges as they come and using my wealth of experience to create unique solutions.”
~ Cameron

Amir Atto


“I’ve been in the insurance game for 12 years and I see that my purpose is to provide peace of mind for every client I see.”
~ Amir.

Alex Matterson

Business Development Underwriter

“We use our knowledge and experience to understand and determine risk. We’re not robots—we really care about our clients and we bring a personal touch to everything we do.”
~ Alex

Kristy Chong


“What I do isn’t just crunching numbers and handing out a price. I take into account the variables that impact each client to help meet their personal and business needs.”
~ Kristy

Kathleen Richards

Senior Claims Consultant

“It is easy to make promises but it’s more important to keep them. When a claim is lodged, that’s the opportunity we get to deliver on the promise and help our clients get back on the road as smoothly as possible.”
~ Kathleen

Teresa Allomes

Client Relationship Manager

“It’s a privilege to be a part of the team at HMIA. What we do plays a crucial part in helping clients get back to business as efficiently as possible.”
~ Teresa

Tom Abrahams

Senior Claims Consultant

“At HMIA, we help you prepare for the future by making sure everything is in order in the present. We’ll give you the peace of mind now, so you don’t have any regrets moving forward.”
~ Tom

Joseph Moorcroft

Claims Consultant

“I am driven, well organised, and thrive on delivering quality solutions to clients in a timely manner with a high standard of personal service.”
~ Joseph

Paul Horwood

Claims Consultant

“The best advice I’ve received is ‘just get it done.’ With my broad knowledge of the insurance industry, I like to handle any claim from start to finish and do just that—get it done.”
~ Paul

Diego Arellano

Claims Consultant

“What I enjoy most about my job is that I’m able to help clients when they’re going through a difficult time.”
~ Diego

Calvin Caamino

Claims Consultant

“Every single claim is different in its own way. My role is to find the best possible outcome to resolve the matter at hand so that our clients can get back on the road as efficiently as possible.”
~ Calvin

Taylah Snow

Legal and Compliance Officer

“Having a background in law as well as degree in business management means that my approach to legal decisions is supported by an understanding of what business owners want and need.”
~ Taylah

Sophie Strange

Administrative Assistant

“What sets me apart is that I love connecting with people. I take a keen interest in every person who calls up, or walks through the door.”
~ Sophie