Being on the road is your business.
Keeping you there is ours.


At HMIA, your fleet has our entire focus.

We offer the right coverage with an unparalleled understanding of the heavy motor industry, backed by an underwriter with the strength to protect even the largest fleet. That’s why when accidents happen, our team can ensure your return to the road isn’t just rapid, but also smooth.

With all claims handled in-house, our heavy motor specialists work quickly and intelligently to ensure your claim is processed fast, and the fairest outcome is achieved.

As heavy motor specialists, we understand the need for smart protection. That’s why we never inflate limits, which means we can deliver insurance with great value.



We put brokers in
the driver's seat

Our underwriter goes over the top on cover.

Backed by the HDI Global Specialty SE - Australian Branch our cover is robust enough to cover your client's biggest fleet.

Plus, you can feel confident your client is getting great value, as we never set limits beyond what they need.

You deal directly with the decision-maker.

Every time you talk to a HMIA heavy motor specialist, they're in a position to answer your questions and deliver solutions.

We'll never waste your time. And, with fewer roadblocks, you can secure the best solution for your client.

We've got one product, so it's got to be good.

Fleets are our focus, so we’ll never get distracted by different product types.

Our claims management is done in-house, and we only hire the most experienced and talented heavy motor insurance specialists.

You'll never pay for risks you don't take.

Being a one product agency, we ensure your clients don't pay for other riskier cover types.

Plus, we provide a number of benefits if your client uses risk management technology to improve their risk profile.

You want the best for your clients, and we're here to help you deliver.
Discover the benefits of HMIA cover.